Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little Heat

Although most of the colors I use in my gardens are cool shades along with white and green, I do occasional crave some heat in the way of hot, saturated color. This used to be the vegetable garden in SJC, which is still filled with fruit trees and herbs, but has been mainly turned over to pretty old-fashioned roses and clematis. The bird bath under the jacaranda tree is still surrounded by the cheerful summer perennial, yellow coreopsos, left over from the colorful vegetable garden. There are some Margarette daisies and alyssum in there too, making it a pretty, fragrant summer scene. However it does kind of clash with my romantic trellises, pastel roses and clematis a few feet away. This area is on my to-do-over list, but I doubt I will get to it this summer. Meanwhile I will enjoy it as is and pretend not to notice the color clashes.

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