Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Little Dreaming

 Last evening we had a family dinner to celebrate the birthdays of our two daughters that take place this month. It was a rare time when they both happened to be in town this time of year and I took a few minutes to wonder around the gardens looking for some flowers for the table.

 Sadly, the only actual flower that seemed significant enough to grace the dinner table was a single white camellia. I was a bit disappointed and vowed to  do a better job of fertilizing my winter-blooming plants for a better show next year.

 Later, while searching my photographs for a picture of the girls, I was enchanted by all the lovely flowers of summers gone by. Just looking at the pictures gave me joy and reminded me that soon it will be spring.

 Last year my shoulder was causing me constant pain and I really did not have the heart to do much in the garden, and it shows. I was a bit worried that the passion I have always felt had fizzled away.

 As my shoulder is healing I am getting more and more restless to get busy in the garden. I have been to the nurseries a number of times already this week and I will be busy sprucing the containers up for a big event at our home in a couple weeks.

 Meanwhile I am just happy to reminisce about seasons past 
and enjoy looking forward to spring!

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

W O W ~ What beauty you grow there. No wonder you are dreaming about the coming of spring.