Thursday, April 25, 2013

An Update on the Moonlight Garden

The Moonlight Garden in SJC is actually starting to look like an all-white garden! I usually have to explain my concept to guests, but it is starting to become obvious, much to my delight! It has been a challenge due to hungry rabbits that seem to love many of the white annuals that I try to use as filler, but they have left the alyssum alone and it is filling in nicely. The 'Frequent Flyer' repeating white iris are starting to come into their own and put on a nice show, but I have found that some basic staples like Marguerite daisies and white geraniums add lots of "color" for many months with few problems. The gray and variegated foliage help with the soft tones. I need to remember to venture out after dark soon to see the "Moonlight" effect!

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RobinL said...

Your moonlight garden is delightful! I'm such a color lover, but I'm really starting to latch onto the idea of creatinga moonlight garden. Hmmm, where should I put it?