Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blooming On Queue

I've been busy this month with projects other than my garden. New gates, decks, carpeting and minor construction have used up all my creative juices and I have just waited patiently for my gardens to wake up and get started on their own. The spring blooms are arriving on queue and they remind me that I just have a supporting role, they are the stars! 

I am a list maker and trips to the nursery with a few notes on what I need appear on my weekly to-do list regularly. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't. Hauling bags of organic fertilizers are a must for this time of year for the citrus, roses and grass, so I often have to look the other way (okay maybe I snatch a few flats of flowers) when I pass all the beautiful annuals and perennials luring me their way. 

Then of course I have the on-going chore of purchasing all the large screening shrubs to replace the dying oleanders along our perimeter fencing. That must be done too and will be a priority this week once again.

But the yellow and orange clivia lilies are blooming as they should and my favorite "Frequent Violet" iris are waking up and blooming all over my little garden by the front door in SJC. They hardly miss me!


J Keppel said...

Just stumbled upon your blog as I was googling wisteria trees & I AM HOOKED!!! I have spent the last hour reading through some of your old posts. I feel like I hit the lottery today :) I hope that the two purple wisteria trees I have just planted behave LOL!

Sheila said...

J. Keppel - thank you for the kind words! Good luck with those wisteria trees. I forgot to get a picture of mine in bloom this year!

Angelika said...

Welch eine herliche Blütenpracht, daran kann ich micht gar nicht satt sehen.

Liebe Grüße