Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grandkids Rock!

We have a tradition of putting stones with our grandchildren's names on them in our Moonlight Garden. We move them around periodically and create a purpose for the kids to explore the garden when they come to visit, looking for their "rock". We have just had to add two more rocks, seen here in the early morning drying from the sprinklers, to the garden in honor of our two new grandsons. It will be a while before they are old enough to realize they have a place mark in the garden, but the older kids have already discovered their new cousins' rocks, much to their delight!


Angelika said...

Das ist eine schöne Idde und sieht zauberhaft aus.

Liebe Grüße

bagfashionista said...

i think this is a fantastic idea and shall have to get one with my daughter's name on it..I have a rock that i gave to my grandmother many eons ago when i was still a kid that says "Grandma's garden" -- she has since past away and that rock now lives in my garden as i give it by best attempt to successfully garden anything except weeds (grandma was an avid gardener)

which brings to the point -- thank you very much for your posts, especially when you include names of plants -- it is extremely helpful to someone who is pretty much obtuse to anything other than "hydrangea"