Saturday, May 11, 2013

Easy, But So Pretty

I'm sure everyone has a spot like this in their garden. One that is almost no-maintenance, but makes them smile every time they walk by, at least for most of the year. This is one of those spots for me. Two native-ish plants that are drought tolerant and reseed easily every year. The pink ones are Mexican evening primroses (oenothera speciosa) and the little daisies are Santa Barbara daisies (erigeron karvinskianus) although I have seen many other common names for both of these plants in different parts of the country. They can be invasive in small gardens, so either plant them in a contained bed like I have here or be diligent about weeding out the seedlings in the spring. Of course you can always let them just take over and sit back and put your feet up in the pretty splendor all summer!

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Jackie Burris said...

We call the pink flowers "buttercups" because they are cup shaped and the pollen looks like a pat of butter, they are everywhere in our ditches along roadsides right now and they smell so sweet.

My favorite flowers are found in the ditch, some of them even eventually make their way into a spot put aside in our yard if can get the seeds to germinate and grow.