Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Big Dig

The big project in SJC continues as we replace the very old and very large oleander hedge that is dying from scorch, a disease killing all the oleander in Orange County. The hedge was thick and lush when we moved in five years ago and you couldn't even see the chain link fence or the neighbors' yards. As we watched the oleanders around our neighbor's yards diminish we knew it was only a matter of time before ours would start dying and we were right. Now we are removing the dead, dying, and soon-to-be-dying shrubs and replacing them with podocarpus and privet in 15 gallon tubs. We did a long stretch last fall, hoping this area would hang in there for another year or so, but no such luck. It is a very difficult project due to the old roots being very deep and wide. I have hired extra help this week and probably next, since this is such a difficult job. One of the issues with all this is that now our dogs have a full view of the neighbors' yards and everything going on there is of utmost interest to them. We have even discovered a gate between our properties! One neighbor has horses and the other has a lovely little garden and orchard. I have to admire their pumpkins!

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