Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Foggy Mornings

 We've had such a lovely spring as far as the weather has been concerned (although we all agree some more rain would have been welcomed), that the cool and foggy mornings that have started to be a bit regular in the past week is making us a little bit worried that the typical late spring weather phenomenon known around here as May-Gray and June-Gloom may be starting already.

 Although I am a big fan of waking up to bright sunshine, I have to admit that walking around through the gardens this morning with my camera was rather nice. 

 The cool, calm foggy mist made for a soft backdrop and kind of added a softness to everything that just took the edge off.

 The colors even seemed a little bit more subdued and the bird songs a tad quieter than usual.

I'm not sure I'm ready for months of overcast mornings lasting into late afternoon, but this morning it suited me fine.

1 comment:

Laleh Molander said...

It is very magical in the garden during the morning.
What a beautiful mix of colors.
Thank you for the lovely pictures ;-)