Monday, April 14, 2014

The Charm of Columbine

Every garden, not matter how well planned and thought out, should always have a bit of whimsey and surprise, especially for the gardener that tends that garden. Nothing is more charming than self-seeding plants like columbine, also know as  aquilegia. A drought resistant perennial that shows up in the spring and comes in a number of different colors like this purple one or pink, white, yellow or red, they have sweet, clover-like foliage and are actually considered a staple of rock gardens. Deadheading will keep them blooming until it starts getting too warm, then be sure to leave some of the flower heads on to go to seed so they will multiply and return in abundance next year after they disappear all summer and winter. Just when you have forgotten all about them they will pop up and soon you will be charmed by their nodding little flower heads all over again.

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Angelika said...

Herlich blüht die Akelei in einem zauberhaften Farbton.

Liebe Abendgrüße