Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lady Bug Larvae

There is quite a party going on here on the top stems of this Royal Queen Purple Violet Tubeflower (iochroma) that is not in bloom yet. Although it looks a little daunting at first, upon closer inspection, I'm pretty sure these rather unattractive little guests are actually ladybug larvae and quite welcome in my garden. I've made the mistake of over reacting before and getting rid of them before I took the time to realize that they are actually something that I want in my garden because they are one of the good bugs that do not eat plants, but do eat other bugs that do eat plants, mainly aphids. So now am thrilled to see all this craziness happening just as it should in a well balanced, natural, organic garden!


RobinL said...

It's hard to tell without a good closeup, so did you google image ladybug larvae to be sure? At a quick glance, they don't quite look like it to me, but I can't get a closeup look. I almost made that mistake once myself!

Sheila said...

Robin- yes, I am pretty sure, I know what they look like from pictures and I took a close look.