Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eucalyptus Grove

Here is the bottom of the garden in Laguna. The eucalyptus trees were already there when we bought the property and to this day they are one of my favorite features in the garden.

To the left you can see a couple of the dinosaurs that were my husband's addition to the garden.

On either side are steps make of cut pieces of eucalyptus embedded into the ground that lead down each side of the yard and meet in from of the trees.

In the middle of the grove of trees we built a stage about four feet off the ground where a blues band played for my husband's fiftieth birthday. The guests sat on the lawn and in chairs up under the arbor. It was a great stage, but I was worried about the trees not liking it there since it blocked a lot of the rain and so I took it down a few months later.

The following year we had a wedding for my niece that took place here in the garden in April. It was just lovely.

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Lets Plant said...

They are so beautiful!! I just planted a Silver Dollar Gum Eucalyptus. It is still a baby but smells great!!