Monday, April 14, 2008

The Art of Composting

The keys to a great garden? Biodiversity, great soil and a good design. To that end, the compost bin at Petersonvilla has been finished and all of the waiting material has been chipped and added.

As you can see by the pile, there is plenty of material! There will be even more as we add the bushes that are being removed from the front garden to make way for a new seating area and my "moonlight garden". Last year we spent a lot of time hauling in materials to enhance the soil, but we are clearly on our way to self-sufficiency!

Now we just need to add a worm bin and life will be complete.


mike in ft pierce fl said...

Great Start on the blog! I found you on blotanical! That is a nice size compost pile. I look forward to seeing more of your plot. Keep up the good work.

Barbee' said...

Sheila, your blog is beautiful! And, very interesting. I'm a composting gardener, too.

Your southern Calif. is a whole different gardening world from this one in Kentucky. So interesting to read about and see yours.