Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Peas.

There are few flowers more simple, lovely and fragrant than the Sweet Pea.

I have planted them a number of years in Laguna, both from seed and pony packs, but never had much luck with growing them in abundance. It always drove me crazy to see them covering entire fences in other peoples yards when I could only coax a few cherished blooms out of mine.

Until now. I planted about a dozen little plants along the chain link fence in the service area in San Juan and I have had a ton of blooms all spring! I have had handfuls in the house for a couple months and I have given away
bouquets of thirty or so blooms. I have donated bouquets to the plant sale at the Laguna Beach Garden Club. They smell like heaven must smell.

The ones I have growing are simple purple, lavender and pink ones, but I plan on planting seeds of some of the fancy ones.

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Barbee' said...

Hi, I have seen photos of Tasha holding fistfuls of beautiful sweetpeas. They are my favorite old-fashioned flower.