Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Roses In The Garden

I have won awards at amateur rose contests with this beauty called Miami Moon. I had one in Flying Rabbit Island and when a spot opened up next to it I planted another one. I love the ruffles and the peachy-pink color is lovely. It is on the smaller side as far as the overall dimensions of the bush goes. I like to plant more than one of each rose bush so I can have very large bouquets of all the same roses.
This has to be one of my very favorite roses because I have so many of them and I just keep planting another and another. It is Graham Thomas and it grows very tall here in Southern California. I actually use it on arbors occasionally.
This is the Disneyland Rose. It is a fairly small floribunda bush with tons of beautiful blooms that range in color from orange to pink and all colors of the sunset in between! I have just added five new bushes in the San Juan Capistrano Garden. I have about five bushes in Laguna and they seem to be very disease and pest free as well as abundant bloomers.


MIUMIU said...

I took Japanese women. Impressed.
Please link.

Katarina i Kullavik said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for visiting my blog! You do have some great roses! I fell in love with both Miami Moon and Disneyland Rose - such beauties!

One of my sons is studying in Santa Barbara right now - i went over to visit him last October - California is so nice!

Priscilla said...

Beautiful roses, I'm trying to grow climbing roses!