Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Coveted Iris Blooms

I thought I had written a post about how much I coveted my neighbor's iris that seemed to bloom all year round, but as it turns out this all happened before I started blogging and I probebly told it to the cat, so here is the story.

One of my neighbors in San Juan Capistrano has a lovely Tuscanny style landscape that I adore. In her yard are about fifiteen or twenty iris that are a lovely shade of purple that I swear seem to bloom all year round. I do love iris, however most of them bloom for a few weeks in the late spring and that is about it. The exception is 'Frequent Flyer' a beautiful white iris that blooms spratically throughout spring and fall.

When I had a chance to meet my neightbor one day about a year ago she told me the iris was called 'Frequent Violet' and she bought it at Roger's Gardens, a local nursery. For about six months I combed the internet as well as calling Roger's to see if they had any in stock, but I had no luck locating it.

I was going to knock on her door and ask my neighbor if she would share some with me the next time she divided them when out-of-the -blue I found about five one gallon plants of them at the annual garden show last April. I bought them all and was estatic! I put them in a prime location near my front door in SJC and waited. And waited and waited.

Finally, now in the middle of fall, one of the plants has started to bloom and I am thrilled! Of course my neighbor's iris are blooming their little violet heads off, but I am satisfied with just a few blooms on one plant that hopefully is the beginning of a long and prolific relationship.


Anonymous said...

Better late than never? Give them another season and see how they bloom. They're gorgeous.

Machelle said...

Thank you for your visit and comment. You have a beautiful garden.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

It is a beautiful colour and flower - well worth the wait :)

lostlandscape said...

Congratulations on that first iris of autumn. It's a beautiful color, and even luxurious since it's not when you expect to see iris. I was up in North San Diego County to Buena Creek Gardens, and they had a number of reblooming irises in their offerings in a number of colors. I hadn't been enough attention to what the iris breeders have been doing the last couple of decades.