Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One Lazy Grasshopper

The other day my son brought me outside to see this grasshopper that had been lallygagging on this rose blossom for the past two days near the driveway. He (or she) was quite alert and rose to attention when I focused in close with my camera, but still did not have the motivation to move. I checked again the following day and he (or she) was still there, enjoying the warmth of the sun in this prime location for viewing who is coming and going at the house. I don't know much about grasshoppers and what they do in the winter months. Although the days are still warm, the night have been getting chilly as so maybe he (or she) is getting ready to go into hibernation or whatever they do. If so, he (or she) could have picked a less obvious resting place since the bird feeder is nearby!


Benjamin Vogt said...

I've seen lots of grasshoppers / locusts dessicated and dead on my plants. Did they freeze? Did they die? Creepy.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...interesting. I wonder what does happen to grasshoppers at the end of the season.

Lucy said...

Late this summer, I found a grasshopper (might have been a cricket!) on the top of one of the bottles in my bathroom. On the next bottle along was a butterfly!