Saturday, October 25, 2008

Proof of Puppy

Puppies can be frustrating to raise, no matter how they try to please their owners. Here is an example that I happened upon this morning.

Bandit is so sure that we accidentally covered up these allium bulbs and we might forget where they are that he makes sure to uncover them for us every day. Notice he doesn't remove them from the hole, he just exposes them for us.

Is this not a guilty look? I am sure he is confused as to why I am not appreciative of all his hard work in the garden. On-the-other-hand, he may be feeling a bit guilty about his handiwork that is waiting for me in the house.


Anonymous said...

Awww...the poor thing. He does look pretty guilty mom! ;)

Laura Z said...

LOL! What a face! My dog has a few approved digging spots, but he's older.

You might try putting some chicken wire over the spot, or a tomato cage even, some kind of barrier. Good luck.

I LOVE how your path turned out, what's your son doing later? :)

Robin Wedewer said...

But you can't possibly be angry at such a pretty sweet pup!

My chickens do the same thing in my garden. I just go behind them and cover things up. For more delicate things, I must rig chicken wire or fence them out. It's not simple!

Ntl Gardening Examiner

Kris at Blithewold said...

That face! You're very lucky to have such a handsome young assistant in the garden. My own garden ornament helps me with the "watering"...