Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Candelabra Effect

I have seen aeoniums flower before, the yellow blooms of 'Zwartkop' are quite common in my Laguna garden. I must say though that this is a rather unique display for me. This unnamed variety that grows in my street side garden in SJC has taken on a somewhat "candelabra" look with each of the six offshoots as well as the center sporting a tall blossom stalk. This is a taller aeonium than I usually grow in the garden. I like them flat and close to the ground and cut them before they typically get this height, but it is growing amongst a stand of scented geraniums and I let it grow taller to compete for the center stage I guess. It is definitely stealing the show right now!


marin_gatova said...

aeonium beautiful, I also I have a few in my deck, but have never bloomed.

I follow your thread, but never had commented, I'm from Valencia (Spain) sorry if my English is not good.

Greetings, I love your blog.

FlowerLady said...

What a beautiful and interesting plant.