Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Low Limb

I love an interesting tree, especially a weeping tree and I loved how this part of one of the California Pepper trees was growing outward and hanging over the grassy path in the backyard. Unfortunately with all the rain it started getting lower and lower until you couldn't walk under it without getting on your hands and knees. I finally made the decision that it was becoming a hazard and had to go.

This week the tree trimmers came and removed that whole section of the tree. Although I do miss it's weeping character, the open path and sunshine is a welcome change to the rest of the garden. I'll get over it.


tina said...

Your link is working. Glad I could help. I never know when I point these things out if I don't hear back from the person so thanks for letting me know.

I think taking out the limb was the right thing to do. What an improvement. Trees are wonderful but it's not so good to have them blocking our paths. I really like that grass path!

I think the white iris below is stunning!

jennifer said...

The change looks lovely!

Kathleen said...

I knew I needed to come here today and get a taste of spring. It's snowing and cold in my garden but yours looks so inviting. Love this post as just last week, I scheduled the tree trimmers in my garden. I don't have near the work for them as you (with all those palms) but some pruning, shaping, etc., is in order. I like the look of your garden after the limb was removed too but I understand your attachment.