Monday, June 2, 2008

Dead Sheep

My garden in Laguna is very loose and flowery and lends itself to whimsy quite naturally. It reflects the beach cottage house and its casual style.

My home in San Juan Capistrano reflects the California Spanish heritage and the landscape is very stately and majestic with over a hundred very tall palm trees on the property. It does not do whimsy well at all.

When we moved into this home last year for some odd reason I ordered this sheep from a garden catalog and when it came I regretted it because it just never "fit" the garden. Never-the-less, I put her right outside the front door much to my dogs' distress (it took them a while to quit barking at her every time they spotted her).

Lately the poor thing has taken to laying on her side. I kind of suspect that a child tried to ride her because she is just that size, and has bent her hind leg. She gets uprighted a number of times a week, but just ends up on her side again.

Maybe she is just tired.


cindee said...

The sheep looks pretty funny laying down...poor thing probably is tired of falling over. Maybe he needs a support of some sort to lean on...(-:

Nancy J. Bond said...

Perhaps you could put a sun bonnet on her head, and a trowel in one, er, hand and everyone would simply think she's exhausted from her weeding. :) Poor thing -- I do hope she recovers. She's a lovely bit of whimsy, indeed.