Tuesday, June 3, 2008

True Blue - California Lilacs

Ceanothus are some of my favorite plants because I love blue flowers in the garden. They are native to California hillsides (thus require excellent drainage) and sometimes called California Lilacs or Wild Lilacs, which is rather misleading because they have no smell.

There are many different varieties from groundcovers to huge bushes. I had one in Laguna that was at least 12 feet high until the voles ate the roots and it died overnight. My heart was broken when I discovered it so very, very dead. I have since replaced it with the smaller one in the bottom picture and it is blooming cheerfully, as if to be consoling while waiting to grow.

Ceanothus varieties with very small leaves are said to be deer resistant, although we all know deer will eat anything when they are hungry enough! These plants are very drought tolerant, although the ground cover type do better with some water in the summer.

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cindee said...

I love the CA lilacs. I really have been wanting some for my garden but I still have not got any. I need to add that to the list! The Forest Service building had them all long the road and they were so beautiful. I loved to drive by on my way to work and admire them. Then one day...they removed them all!!! I couldn't believe it. Now nothing grows there. I guess they thought it was a fire danger...who knows... Yours are beautiful!!!!!