Sunday, June 1, 2008

My New Most Favorite Plant is Blooming!

I love hydrangeas. Except if you cut the flowers you won't get anymore for the season. And for the dormant thing in the winter when they lose all their leaves and look like sticks that died along time ago. And because they produce their buds on old wood, if you even go near those naked sticks with pruners you will be punished with no blooms the following summer.

But now there are the new hybrids called aptly "Endless Summer" and they have the ability to produce flowers on new wood as well as old wood. It sounded too good to be true and I suspected that there was some catch, but I planted a couple bushes last spring and I had blooms all summer AND more and more came even when I cut them to bring inside for arrangements.

They only come in pink/blue and white mopheads so far, but that will suit me just fine.

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cindee said...

I love hydrangeas too(-: Yours are very pretty. I don't have the endless summer kind yet. I have some old old ones and a couple newer varieties but not the endless summer. I will have to watch for them(-: