Saturday, April 26, 2008

Costco Beauties

This was the first fall at our home in San Juan Capistrano and during the frantic fall planting I put in dozens of spring bulbs that I purchased at Costco.

My garden in Laguna has naturalized what are now hundreds of daffodils and snowdrops that put on quite a show every year. I wish I was more organized and ordered bulbs from the lovely catalogs I receive every year... maybe next year.

The new bulbs actually went in fairly late, but no worries, they still performed with enthusiastic vigor!

Here they are planted with nemesia, thyme and Mexican feather grass.

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cindee said...

I love spring bulbs!!! They just really show off their stuff when the spring arrives!!! I think Cosco had great bulbs this year. Sometimes when I order they come and I am disapointed. I always like to see them first before I buy them.