Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Music in the Garden

A rich, abundant garden fills all the senses. Obviously sight, smell, taste and even touch are easy to capture in the landscape. But what about sound? The music in a garden is the sound of birds.

There are a number of birdhouses of all sorts in the Laguna garden. It is that kind of a garden, easy to accommodate whimsical homes for wildlife, of which there are many.

I can't tell you how many hours we have sat in the garden just watching and listening to the birds. Especially in the spring when the bird houses are all full of babies.

This particularly lovely nesting box was a special present from my friend, Tracy. The ivy just naturally embraced, as ivy does.


Lets Plant said...

I hope lots of birds nest in that beautiful house you have!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

How perfect! I hope you can soon hang up a No Vacancy sign. :) I'm enjoying the birds this year more than I ever have...the result, I believe, of what seemed like an endless winter.