Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh! Iris!

I would never be able to choose a favorite flower, but surely iris are in my top five!

I grow dozens of varieties, mainly blues and purples. I order most of them from catalogs which is a daunting task since they are all so beautiful. One year I just went through and picked all the blue ones that had names starting with the letter "A". I had planned on doing the "B's" the next year, but somehow got sidetracked.

Iris start blooming fairly early here, soon after the narcissus are done. I remember early one spring I was spending a tiring morning hauling down bags of amendments, yanking hoses around, swatting bugs and I honestly began to wonder why I was doing all this hard work. At that very moment I went around a tree and my breathe was actually taken away by the sight of the most beautiful blue iris blooming that I had ever seen. I hadn't even noticed it getting ready to bloom the day before. I couldn't even remember planting it. That answered my question as to why I do it - for moments that take my breathe away.

Note: I do realize that not everyone is awestruck by the sight of a perfect flower. Just the lucky ones.


Amy said...

I love Iris too, and they're so easy to grow here since they like to bake in the sun. I would LOVE to find a blue one like this!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Irises are among my favorites, too. Blue flowers were never a particular favorite of mine in the past, but I've seen so many new and exciting blues on Blotanical blogs this spring that I've certainly changed my mind. :)

cindee said...

I agree iris are so beautiful. I have several I ordered too. I enjoy each one as it blooms in the garden every year. They are so pretty. Just an amazing plant.