Monday, July 7, 2008

Flopping Daisies

This is a corner in my Moonlight Garden where, among other things, the Shasta Daisies grow. Because is gets afternoon shade the flowers tend to be a bit lanky and tall. In the case of the daisies they have chosen to 'relax' and lounge a bit among their neighbors. I look at them and think about putting in a hoop stake but that's as far as I get, thinking about it. So far they don't seem to be crowding out any other plants so I think they will just continue to sprawl for now.


Nancy J. Bond said...

I actually think they are rather charming, snoozing in the moonlight. :)

Mother Nature said...

Shasta daisies are my favorites. I love how white flowers can be seen in the twilight.

cindee said...

I love the shasta daisies. Yours are really pretty(-: