Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sago In Bloom

Although they are very popular and sought after plants in our area, I personally have never been crazy about sago palms. They aren't really palms but members of the cyad family, distant relatives of conifers native to Japan. Their leaves are two to three feet long and very leathery and sharp which is why I would never plant one, they hurt!

At my house in San Juan Capistrano there were two sagos in the entry planter when we moved in and they are actually in bloom right now. I have never seen them bloom so it is somewhat of an event. At this time the blooms look very different on each one of them and so I'm thinking that maybe they are in different stages of development or else one is a female and one is a male? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


cindee said...

I have never seen one bloom either. Thanks for sharing(-: They are very unique.(-:

Katarina i Kullavik said...

I've never seen a Sago palm blooming - neither on pictures nor in real life. Thanks for sharing!