Friday, August 29, 2008

100+ Palm Trees

It is palm tree trimming time in the San Juan Capistrano garden where we have nearly 120 palm trees. Most of them are queen palms which are my favorite because of their graceful and flowing nature. All of the trees were here when we purchased the property. I am not a big fan of palm trees, in fact I had a few removed from our Laguna Beach property over the years. They are just not my style but I had to admit they fit the architecture of our SJC house and besides, you can't really just remove 120 trees!

Throughout the year fronds die and need to be removed, but it is the seed pods that are very messy that eventually necessitates the call to my tree trimer around this time of year.
Unfortunately the palm fronds, seed pods and trunks do not break down in the compost pile and need to be hauled away. It breaks my heart to see all that green waste removed from my garden, but my wonderful tree trimmer offered to bring me a truck load of compost to make up for it!


Anonymous said...

That's alot of trees to have to maintain.

cindee said...

Wow now that is a big job!!! I bet they look beautiful!!!