Friday, August 22, 2008

So Unassuming

I don't know why I love iris so much... but I do. When I was a very little girl my grandmother had a bed of iris in her garden and all I can remember is the thick patch of sharp, upright foliage that was about chin height to my three year-old frame, nothing to fall in love with for sure. They only bloomed about two weeks out of the year. But somehow the lovely French icon captured my imagination and I have been enthralled with them ever since I owned a tiny patch of land to plant them.
This year I followed pattern of years before and ordered a signification amount of iris for my new garden in SJC. I can never decide, then I order way too many, and wait for months before my jewels-in-the rough arrive in their unassuming packages.
Here is what my dreams of amazingly beautiful flowers are riding on... this pathetic little tuber with merely a hope of grandeur. But I know what will happen because I have done this many times before. There will be blooms of unspeakable beauty and I will be amazed... as I always am! The essence of why we garden.


Anonymous said...

Lovely lavender blooms. Iris are really great perennials to add to any garden. I can't wait to see what your "assuming tubers" turn into next spring.

Wicked Gardener said...

What is not to fall in love with? Very pretty.

cindee said...

Oh I love Schreiners Iris too!!! They are all so beautiful how can you choose just a couple!!!(-: Well I can because the cost holds me back, but if I had a lot of money I would own everyone of them!!!(-: I can't wait till Spring to see yours bloom. Even though they bloom such a short time it really is amazing!!!!(-;