Saturday, August 16, 2008


Scaevola is most often seen in containers and hanging baskets although it is a little too stiff in baskets for me. I prefer to grow it as a hard working perennial at the edges of my garden beds as it is low-growing and spills out over the edges nicely and blooms almost year round here. A interesting note about this plant is that it is named after a Roman hero, Mutius Scaevola who burned his hand off to prove his bravery (a bit dramatic if you ask me) and if you look closely you will notice that the flowers have petals only on one side, like a fan.


Anonymous said...

I love their fan shaped blooms, they are an annual in my zone 7 garden. I've grown them in hanging baskets, but I like your idea of growing them as a groundcover. Maybe I will give that a try next year. They have them at my local big box store right now, and they are healthy. Can you overwinter them indoors?

Sheila said...

Perennial Garden Lover- I really don't know for sure if they can overwinter inside, but I would guess they can because they grow so easily.