Monday, October 20, 2008

Mysterious Figs

Last week I was walking through the shade garden in SJC and there was a fig laying in the path. I assumed a bird dropped it but when I looked up through the canopy of trees and tall shrubs I saw that there is a rather large fig tree growing amongst the greenery. The birds must have planted it, a common occurrence around here. Although there are a number of self-sown figs in the yard, I did go out and buy a small fig tree last week, one with sweet green figs as opposed to the dark ones and I can't wait until it provides me with fruit next year!

BTW, my dear puppy came along an absconded with the fig at my feet last week so I never got to taste it and the others you see here are too high for me to reach. I check back regularly to try and get to the fruit that falls before the aptly named "Bandit' gets to it.


Anonymous said...

A very nice "volunteer". :) Now does Bandit eat the figs, or just like the hunt? ;)

Sheila said...

Bandit eats everything!