Friday, October 31, 2008


Nandina or Heavenly Bamboo as it is called, has never been one of my favorite plants although it is used quite often in our area. It was in both of my yards when I moved in and I eventually removed it from Laguna because it was always plagued with mildew, probably because it was planted in the shade.

In the SJC garden it is in a planter that is in the sun and doesn't have the mildew problem and if I was not so overwhelmed with the rest of the yards I would have most likely removed it already. But so far it stays and I must admit that the new growth in the bottom picture is kind of pretty and the berries in the top picture will make nice adornments for the holiday arrangements.

I guess it is going to stay after all.


tina said...

Ah yes. The nandina. So many hate it. I simply love it for its ease of care, four season interest and structure in the garden. Glad you are letting it stay.

Anonymous said...

It is overplanted in my area too. I let it stay because it is so easy like Tina said and you can't beat that great fall color & berries!