Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Hellebore

The first hellebores are blooming here. I love these sweet little perennials, although they aren't a big splashy landscaping plant, but a delicate little one that perhaps only gardeners love. Their little 'faces' point down and they don't grow much higher than mid-calf, but I find them very charming. I have seen people on television showing them reseeding and filling in shady spaces with abandon, but that is not the case for me. After years of growing them I just noticed my first seedling. I love them because they make sweet cut flowers in tiny little vases and they last for a long time on my bedside table, welcoming spring indoors.


Jean said...

Oh I didn't realize they made good cut flowers. You can probably tell I don't grow them. But maybe now I will. :-)

tyziana said...

I love the hellebore, Isabel.
Until last year I thought they were banned, why do not bear
the heat, but I'm experiencing many species in the garden shade, Heuchere,
Hosta and hellebore, with great satisfaction.