Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jasmine Wins

Years ago I planted this star jasmine at the base of my finicky climbing rose, 'Polka' next to the front door in Laguna.  I had seen the rose on a garden tour and fell in love, but as many romances go, reality set in and I became disenchanted with the rarely blooming rose. Not one to give up easily, I babied it along hoping for a better performance as it matured, but no luck. Meanwhile the jasmine took hold and grew up the rose and across the wire intended for 'Polka". There is a lovely white climbing rose, 'Lace Cascade', on the other side of the door that puts on a show every year, but now the two are entwined and while the rose takes a break after the spring display, the jasmine takes over and fills the air with its lovely scent from these dainty flowers. What a lovely welcome home!


FlowerLady said...

This jasmine looks like Confederate jasmine. I look forward to mine blooming every spring. It is still blooming now so I'm still enjoying their wonderful scent.

I bet it looks wonderful with the rose growing on the other side of doorway.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

Cathy and Steve said...

I'm sure the fragrance is spectacular too!

Kevin said...

I love the reflection in the mirror!