Monday, May 14, 2012

What's Blooming in the Moonlight Garden?


Ozothmnus (Rice Flower)

Shasta Daisies and Heliotrope

Lots of White Roses (this one is Bolero)

Snowball Viburnum

Margarette Daisies, Snapdragons, Pelargoniums and Iris

Carpenteria Californica
My Moonlight Garden in SJC is finally really coming into its own with lots of shrubs with white flowers getting to the size where they put on a nice show. It is not an easy area to photography because the beds are narrow and border a DG path that wraps around a large play lawn. It would probably be more impressive in large, wide beds where the abundance of white is compounded by sheer mass, but it is pretty never-the-less. I have been relying on a lot of annuals and variegated foliage to carry out the white theme while waiting for some of these pretty shrubs to get enough size to really show up in their glistening glory, but they are finally getting big enough to make a splash from across the yard. I think it may actually be at a point where my intent for an all-white flowered garden is obvious to the first time visitor and not something I have to explain. I am also finding out what works well in this micro climate so I can add more and forget about some of the plants that I have had to baby along, the rabbits preferred to dine on, or worse yet, that reverted back to another color of blooms as they matured. Just in time for this year's Bella Luna!


The Redneck Rosarian said...

Beauty beyond compare...

RobinL said...

Lovely indeed! I don't have many white flowers, but I'd sure like a Moonlight garden some day. We'll see.