Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Orange Rose

Orange is not exactly my favorite color in the garden, but I incorporate it for a few reasons. The house color in SJC is a "Tuscany Gold" and pastels and pinks do not look good near it so I have to go with roses and flowers that have more of a yellow undertone for aesthetic reasons (I do use pinks further out in the yard away from the house). Hybrid tea roses require more maintenance than I prefer to give, so most of my roses are of a less fussy nature. Then what is this orange (actually red and yellow) hybrid tea rose doing in my flower bed? Kind of a silly reason really. This one is called 'Sheila's Perfume' and so I had to find a spot for it somewhere in the gardens. But this is one of the prettiest flowers, and most fragrant, anywhere in the yard regardless of my tastes in colors or form. It does earn its keep today!


FlowerLady said...

That is one gorgeous rose and it has a scent too. Enjoy.


Ami said...

very pretty rose!