Saturday, May 19, 2012

One Happy Rose

This is the "Easter Basket' rose. It is a remarkable floribunda that was introduced by Meilland in 2007. I have no idea why I bought it other than I was on a trip to the nursery and I just liked it at the time. I had never heard of it, and at all times I have a list a mile long of roses I want in my garden, but for some reason I bought it anyway. I could not ask for a better all round rose. It has pale yellow petals, fading to pink edges, and blooms like crazy with a bit of organic fertilizer (not all roses love the organic life I've learned). While I am already stripping foliage and cutting back some of my roses due to black spot, mildew and rose slugs (ahem, 'Disneyland'), the shiny green foliage on this beauty is still perfect. It is even under the shade of the California Pepper trees for part of the day, but does not seem to mind. The shape and size is almost perfect, not sprawling or too tall. Truly the rose-garden-gods had a hand in pointing me in the right direction with this beautiful bush and I would recommend it to anyone who is tired of dealing with rose diseases and loves old fashioned blooms. It does have one drawback and that is there is only a very slight scent, but not a big problem for me considering all the upsides.


Nancy said...

I wonder if the rose slugs will find it? They have devastated my garden in recent years. I try to get on top of them, and am doing a little better this year. I will look for this rose on line as I really like it.

HolleyGarden said...

I love this rose's coloring! I will definitely keep this one in mind. Thanks for the recommendation.