Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Keep It Simple

Sometimes is just makes sense to keep it easy and simple. Why fight insects and stress out over weeds and watering when there are simple ways to create a lovely space that doesn't require constant attention? I am a big fan of those pretty little wispy daisies in this picture known as 'Santa Barbara Daisies' or 'Fleabane' (erigeron karvinskianus). I use them as an easy filler all over the gardens. Here they are coupled with 'Mexican Evening Primroses' (oenothera berlandieri). This is a difficult area under a large palm tree that makes for inhospitable planting conditions, but this pair of perennials thrive together quite happily and have been blooming for months. Both require little water, seem to prefer rocky nutrient poor soil and in fact can be invasive if they get too happy. There are no damaging insects that seem to bother with them and they cover bare ground quickly, smothering out any weeds looking for a chance to get started. I pass this area every day on the way to the mailbox and although they don't make me swoon like roses and iris, they do make me smile and that works fine for me!

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