Monday, January 26, 2009

Limes Are Yellow -It's True

Anyone who has ever drank beer with a lime in Mexico knows that limes are yellow. They look just like lemons on the outside and that is why they are shipped to the stores when they are still green, so everyone will be able to tell them apart. This is the crop of limes under our tree in San Juan Capistrano and as you can see they are most likely what are called 'key limes' because of their small size. I assure you they are green and tasty, if you like limes.


Kathleen said...

I did not know that Sheila! Very interesting. I've never been to Mexico, maybe I need to for educational purposes?!! besides the fun of sitting on the beach of course. I've only bought them in the grocery store where, as you say, they are green.

tina said...

I had no idea and funny enough, just had a piece of key lime pie.

Darla said...

Yeah, interesting huh? Can't you taste the difference, I can.