Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not-So Bare Roots

Here is our latest project, about 15 bare root roses that are waiting to be planted. This is what bare root looks like at many of the nurseries in this area. They come in pulp pots that, as I found out the hard way, must be removed before planting because they do not disintegrate in the ground quickly enough for the rose to not become pot bound!

I am putting in new garden beds where there is now grass and these roses will be the first occupants. They are mostly David Austin roses, my favorites.


tina said...

That's a lot of rose-they will be beautiful in bloom.

lostlandscape said...

Good tip on the peat pots. I suppose they buy the nursery more time to sell the bareroots without potting them up, though. Maybe they can offer more variety as a result? Hopefully you got some great varieties you've been meaning to try!