Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poor Planning

With 12 month gardens comes the added responsibility of making sure there is plant interest every month of the year. It is one of the elements of a well designed garden. The picture above illustrates what NOT to do when designing a garden right outside your front door! Do not plant materials that require cutting back at all the same time! The result, however lovely it may be in June, is not worth the look of sad demise that January brings about. Cut back grasses and roses along with a dormant birch tree just looks bare. There are many plants that look great this time of year and this area desperately needs some of those!


cindee said...

January in my garden looks pretty dead. I don't have many evergreens. I really need to plant more so at least I can see that when I look around. Especially this year when I am outside so much. I will have daffodils blooming shortly though. The weather up here is crazy! 80 degrees here today! Have a great weekend!!!

tina said...

Much better now! I surely was befuddled on the comment thingy. Wrote you a funny message on Blotanical. I was going to say I think you have tons of interest in this front garden. I love it!

Tatyana said...

Sheila, I am sure this part of the yard looks good during summer. I wanted to say that I couldn't miss a beautiful creature on the left. Love them, love them, love them! German Shepherds are THE DOGS, for me.