Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Jolt of Color

There is nothing like lobelia to give a bright jolt of color to a garden bed. You can see this little patch of 'Purple Palace' across the entire yard. Although technically it is an annual, it lasts a few years in our climate. Here it is mixed in with white bacopa under some roses and daylilies. I love the intensity of the color!


Darla said...

Now why don't I have this beautiful plant?

mosaicqueen said...

I love Lobelia. Our season for growing it is over however. It is too hot for its liking right now.


Kathleen said...

It really is an intense blue! So pretty. I have some growing in my 3-tiered container (which is mostly shade). I think it's a wonderful annual too (nice for you it lasts a few years). I spent a little time checking out your latest posts. I'm having trouble getting around to blogs this summer. Your passion & jasmine vines are gorgeous. Hope you're enjoying your summer.

Jan said...

I love that color of lobelia. I grow this as a winter annual every year since it doesn't like our summer heat.

Always Growing

Brooke (CreativeCountryMom) said...

Wow, that is BLUE. Very pretty Sheila!