Friday, June 12, 2009

Sweet Little Mound of Peruvian Lilies

I have written about alstroemeria before and I feel bad that I cannot locate the tag with the specific name of this one because it is quite a performer in the garden.
It has variegated foliage which adds a lot of interest even when it is not in bloom. Sometimes Peruvian lilies can get very tall and leggy, but this one is a compact little mound and a prolific bloomer. Even though the stems may not be long enough for big bouquets, they are very charming in a small arrangement and just like the tall ones, they last for weeks when cut!


Gail said...

It always surprises me when I see these for sale in the nursery....they're supposed to be cut flowers...well they are in part of the garden...I like the variegated foliage. gail

Anonymous said...

I love the variegated foliage on that plant. I've always thought of them as cut flowers too. They had some in my garden center, but their not hardy here. :(