Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bear's Breeches Blooms

These stately blooms of Acanthus mollis (bear's breeches is the common name) have very sharp thorns throughout them and the tips of the leaves are like needles. This one is in the back of the raised bed along my front deck in Laguna, so there is no chance of brushing up against it.

When I was young we had some near our front door and I really disliked them because they were sharp and always full of snails.

Although this plant can be kind of a bully and take over an area by spreading and shading out nearby plants, I still am fond of the large, shiny deep green leaves that inspired so many architectural columns.

They prefer shade and look best with regular water.

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cindee said...

We have these too and although they are really pretty and I enjoy looking at them...getting close and personal isn't a good idea. They are very pokey plants and it hurts to get poked by them too. Yours are beautiful and healthy looking!!!!