Friday, May 16, 2008

Weed Stopper

This is convolvulus sabatius, one of the best groundcovers I have found for this area. Its common name is Gound Morning Glory, but don't let the name scare you, it is not invasive.

It does form a thick mat that is covered with purplish-blue flowers almost year round, which makes the need for weeding unnecessary where it is planted. It is fairly drought tolerant once it is established. I use is a lot around the feet of roses and although it takes awhile to get going, once it makes itself at home it will fill in and spread nicely.


Nancy J. Bond said...

A charmer and one to make note of. Thanks!

Katarina i Kullavik said...

I wish we could grow it here in Sweden - I'm looking for a ground cover for my roses. This one was very pretty!

walk2write said...

What a pretty ground cover! I am always looking for attractive, weed-choking ground covers. Do you think it would thrive in northwest Florida? We are in zone 8, fairly humid in the summer, with a fair chance of frost during the months of December and January. The soil here, of course, is sandy with a bit of clay.

Sheila said...

walk2write -

I am not sure how well it would handle the humidity and rainfall but it is often used in rock gardens because it need good drainage and warmth (hardiness zone 8 - 11).

Good luck!