Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bird Merry-Go-Round

This wind sculpture is about a quarter of the way down in my Laguna Garden. We have a number of wind sculpture throughout the property because I think they add an important element to the garden - movement.

This particular one came from an Sherwood Art Gallery in downtown Laguna Beach and since its purchase the owners of the gallery have become very close friends of ours.

The most amusing thing about this sculpture is that the birds sit on it as it turns in the wind like a little merry-go-round!

Note: The sculpture is very straight. My photo is crooked!


Kathryn/plantwhateverbringsyoujoy.com said...

This is a good idea. And, oh, I would LOVE to see the birdies taking a ride! Can you catch that?

cindee said...

Your gardens are so beautiful. Just like out of a magazine. I love to come to your blog and see your pictures. It is very inspirational to me. Thanks for sharing!!!