Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lovely Louisiana Iris

Many years ago I read about Louisiana Iris and ordered a few by mail order. I planted them throughout the first cultivated areas in my hillside garden. Most of them have disappeared over the years. Probably victims of digging dogs, voles or some other tragic story.

This is the sole survivor, planted below the less-than-lovely drainage pipe that extends out from the hillside and is where all the property drains from above empty out. This clump (once again I have long forgotten the name) has continued to thrive and grow over the years into an amazing stand about four or five feet wide. I have never divided them and yet they still bloom every year. I do think I will divide them this year since I will be dividing all of the other iris in this garden, if for no other reason than to propagate them.

Louisiana iris are larger than bearded iris and a bit courser and they love wet feet!


pfoconnor said...

I think you Louisiana iris looks like 'Colorific'. Does that sound familiar? Nice pictures.


Sheila said...

Thanks Patrick. It was easily over ten years ago I planted it so nothing would sound familiar now!