Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Determined Geraniums

One plant, two different settings, both showing why pelargoniums (in this case an unknown 'Martha Washington') are so popular.

The top picture is from my Laguna garden and the geranium is poking through some equally determined variegated bacopa. A much more gaudy look than I usually am fond of, but this does brighten up an otherwise neglected corner.

The bottom photo is a shot from my garden utility area in San Juan Capistrano where this poor, contained geranium was abandoned after removing it from what is becoming my moonlight garden. Obviously its spirits have not been dampened by obscurity!

1 comment:

walk2write said...

I wish that I could be more like that geranium: equally at home anywhere and not afraid to be neglected. Unfortunately, I prefer Florida to Illinois (much to husband's chagrin) and I wilt if left alone too long.