Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blotanical - A Pleasing Distraction

Even the most devoted gardener can't be in the garden all the time. There are just other things that need to be done and after all, it does rain, and the sun does go down and sometimes it is just too cold or I am just too tired.

Those are the times I should be doing chores, catching up on correspondence, sorting out papers, keeping track of business and a host of other "must do's". But those are the times I am usually reading about gardening, writing about gardening, sorting through photos of the garden, participating in on-line forums about gardening and blogging about gardening. And now, reading other bloggers' entries about gardening on Blotanical.

Blotanical is a website dedicated to all types of gardens and gardeners from all over the world. It is a great places to share your woes, offer or get advice, become inspired, show off your garden and learn a lot about gardening as well as other subjects related to gardening, such as cooking and crafts.

I discovered Blotanical quite by accident while checking out a few blogs that were recommended in a gardening newsletter from an organization to which I belong. Hours later I was hooked and figured out how to start my own blog.

I often end or start my day walking through the garden, sometimes taking photos to capture moments and scenes that will be soon lost in time, which is what makes this place such a delight of elusiveness. While strolling I explain my philosophies and expound my knowledge to my four-legged companions, two dogs and the cat that follow me around most willingly, listening intently. Now I find inspiration in those moments to write about in my blog.

What an unexpected delight it is the first time another gardener acknowledges your blog with a comment, choosing your blog as one of their favorites or even picking a specific blog you entered as one of their recommendations!

In a long list of emails either reminding me of responsibilities I have waiting to be addressed, or someone trying to sell me something, a message from one of my peers on Blotanical always makes me smile and is a welcome distraction. It is also a diversion back into my garden while I am busy at my desk, doing all the things I should be taking care of, just as I should.

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