Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tree Stump Steps

My garden in Laguna is located on a slope that gets steep in some areas. Over the years it has been tamed through terraces and railroad tie with re-bar steps.

The top part of the garden is entirely sectioned and planted and it was always my intention to leave the bottom quarter acre fairly natural for the dogs and other wildlife.

One year I had three tall eucalyptus trees taken down to improve the neighbor's view and the tree trimmers left the trunks, cut into large sections at the site. At the time I had a wonderful helper from Mexico who assisted me with projects in the garden. He took the tree stumps and made these very sturdy steps on either side of the lower garden that start where the other steps just quit. To this day they are one of my favorite elements in the garden.

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walk2write said...

The blue festuca (I think?) alongside the steps recalls the blue color of eucalyptus leaves. Do the steps retain that wonderful smell that eucalyptus is famous for? That essential oil is one of my favorites for aromatherapy. It's great for sinus congestion.